Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bloggers Day!!!

Hey!!! Nice day for everybody... Is amazing that exist a blogday, but I am happy to be part of it.

Ok, here are my 5 recomendations for the day:

1. The first is a blog in the colombian most important newspaper website. The writer is funny and uses spanish in a lovely way. If you can read in spanish go. and search fot El BLOGOTAZO.

2. My second recommendation is a just great to find all that information in that place... chack it.

3. for those who like all about sci-fi and weird things. They are amazing. Good blog.

4. don't know if you can say it is a blogg, but in this page you can find one of the most interesting contest for women... unreal ones jijiji.

and the last one is you know for all of us the ambientalists!!

Ok that's what I can say today... of course if you know me you have been in and in is me posting about I like the most, life, arts, Colombia, thoughts and environment. Be cool....

If you want to add to the bloggers day, just choose 5 interesting blogs and share it. Also includes the links for Technorati: and

HAPPY DAY FOR ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!