Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ulysses Syndrome?

Because a special recomendation, these days i have been reading and thinking about the ulises's syndrom and i have realized that is everywhere around here.

London is really a city of inmigrants, it is easier to find a colombian that a true london borned person everywhere, in the streets, in the buses in the supermarkets, wherever. Of course I am not living in a exclusive london place, it's more like the common london p"people from evereywhere" place. But is funny, in one way travel on a bus you can hear five or 6 diferent leanguages and if you are in central london (where you can see hundreds of tourists) it can be more.

With all the differences, my first impression was to think that people can not feel alone, because there are a lot of persons around living the same situation, maybe alone, working a lot to make some money, and wondering about the day of going back home.

This feelings now on are designed as the ulysses' syndrome and for the new generation of phisologysts is bad... of course is bad to feel like that, mi friend Maritza recently told me "living here is like a roller coaster one day you wake up feeling that your life is great and the next you just want to cry and run away, and you don't know why". I have feel that and haven't been here for a long time. Is like feeling that your real life is happening somewhere else, or worst, feel like your real life is going to begin when you just can go back... or feel at home.

By the way I'm going to film some interviews trying to find it out...