Sunday, September 17, 2006

The idea of writing

Writing this blog is like having clear what ideas are around the Kankurua's project. These days we are working a lot because there are more than one big ideas coming true.

First the web site, after we opened it things have been changing a lot, so it is clear that if you want to exist you have to have one internet site, and it should be new every day if it is possible. The connection with others and the possibility of share information using RSS, and get all the other personal works, blogs and whatever in it, is great.

The second thing is that documentaries are in the menu of the day all day. We are working, here in Europe but at the same time in Colombia in the production of at least one short film and one big documentary.

The third is about the connections we want to have all around the world and the idea of promote our American Culture and Traditions all over the world.

I know, I have to write more in this blog and from know on I have decided that is my task to write twice a week to make this Kankurua’s news blog a thing that matters. Thanks to all.