Monday, September 25, 2006

About friends and more friends...

This is it... London is the perfect place to make friends. The people are so interesting that you have always something more to ask or to answer. This weekend was absolutely great because I had the opportunity of being in some deep and smart conversations.

David is brilliant, like Scottish people are, as I can see and by the way is a great dancer. Anna told me that, but is more of what I have thought. I am so happy of being his friend and a friend of his girlfriend Grace too. Amazing couple, the kind you can easily find in this city. We were singing and playing the guitar.. that was fun!

On Saturday I met Mauricio. At least, after 2 months of being in the same city we found the time and the place to meet. Was a great time, I really missed him. And he introduces me another great, wonderful guy: Claudio, from Chile. We had the best dialogues I have ever had with a new friend, more than that… is like holistic connection, sure now, he is in my heart.

And this weekend to just close the Sunday I met Alan, my Japanese teacher that is trying to make me understand the Japanese culture while I am teaching him Spanish and explaining our way of seeing the world.

So I am really grateful for the persons I have found around. Things like this are the kind of stuff that makes me think sometimes that I can live here for a while… maybe I’ll come back.