Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I am thinking about.

I just saw a tv note about the children of a school in Bogota that are proposing a law to make people realize that we can live in a country were garbage doesn’t exists. Is funny. Every single thing that is used can be used again or recycled and as we know it we can put the things that we call garbage or trash in the right place, the place were their cycle can continue in the best way.

Is like everything else in our lives. We have to realize that our power of being in the right place at the right time is what can make things flow in the best way. I am in Medellin, with Karla and Mango two more people of the team Kankurua moving ourselves and our ideas around Colombia. The first big project is about going in a route that Fernando Gonzalez our fantastic philosopher did when he wrote “Viaje a Pie”. From Medellin to the Pacific Coast close to Buenaventura the walking journey takes us troug the route of the Antioquenian Colonization, and in eighteen small and medium size towns we are going to make a documentary while we teach to young people how to do video integrating them in a nice video network. This beautiful journey is taking us into a deep trip inside ourselves and we love the idea of making it real, to help this part of Colombia find their connection, and make that the most interesting cultural-tourist destination.