Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kankurua... again

Today after thinking a lot of the value of the word Kankurua, we (this limited group of people in Bogotá, Colombia) decided to buy the domains of, and in the net… and can you imagine our surprise when we found out that those domains were taken??? I am shocked… I want to know who are the people that have that, I want to know if they know the meaning of that powerful word, I want to know if that idea of “fundamental political works” want to use that word to make consciousness of how us as human beings get involved in the political affairs. Are they working for the empowerment of the people of the world, do they know that we have to find our own strength inside? Do they understand the occidental word holistic?
I ask now, to the Universe flow, to the memory of the Kogui people, to the infinity wisdom if somebody can answer my questions soon… I just want to know.