Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About Kankurua, and what we are doing.

The question I always receive of people that are not close to latinamerican culture and our way of being is: Why do you decide to manage a native word as Kankurua to describe your work? And as I am trying to explain it I give them my own words, the words I use in my song Amarnos mas, “through art we make freedom”… As soon as natives and our traditional values get involved in the processes of making peace we have a real chance of transform everything and make this world a better place to live. And now is the moment of being conscious of being in peace in our inner selves, of the rhythm of our hearts and the possibility of stop the fire. This idea of brotherhood, of consider ourselves as humans first of all, has motivated a lot of people of joining the same cause. A lot of artists in Latin America are saying the same thing in different ways. Here is the song of Dr. Krapula a very clever group of Colombian musicians that have been working in a project called Sekiwia that put together the things that worries us and how could we together can change it. This is a translation I made for it. I love this song.

Uy que vaina,/ Oh what the hell

están matando el planeta/ they are killing the planet

tomando países/ taking the countries

desangran la tierra/ bleeding the earth

es un maleante desalmado / is a heartless bandit

destruir es su obsesión/ to destroy is his obsession

pues su alma consumida esta/ but his soul is consumed

por el dinero y el poder que este le da/ ‘cause the Money and the power they receive

con el apoyo de sus aliados/ with the support of their allies

rompen la tierra sin compasión/ they break the earth without compassion

para sacarle de sus venas sangre negra/ to take out black blood

y con ella tanquear maquinas de guerra/ and with that full war machines

la esperanza cojeando esta/ the hope is limping

de ti depende que se pare una vez más/ it depends on you to stand up once again

en este mundo donde el hombre olvido/ in this World where men forgot

que somos hijos de la tierra y del sol/ that we are sons of the Earth and the Sun

uniendo fuerzas es la única salida/ putting together our force, is the only way l

atinoamérica contra la destrucción/ Latin America against destruction

la voz en alto fuera de nuestras vidas/ Voice ahead upon our lives

si esto no para vamo’ hacer un reventón/ if this doesn’t stop we’re going to do a rebellion

la voz en alto de américa latina/ the loudest voice of America Latina

este pueblo unido es parado y decidido/ Our people stand and are decided

con la mano arriba y gritando con fuerza/ with the hand up and shouting strong

puede lograr que el mundo no desaparezca/ can make the World doesn’t disappear

y no olvidemos latinoamericanos/ and we Latin-Americans don’t forget

que no existen banderas, todos somos hermanos/ it doesn’t exist flags, we are all brothers

pa’ delante sudaca/ looking forward sudakas

hagamos la lucha/ fight together

hagámosla en masa/ let’s fight massive

hagamos la lucha/ let’s do the fight

adelante mi raza/ go ahead my race

repitiendo la historia de su pueblo/ repeating the history of their people

a las buenas y a las malas invadiendo/ in every way invading

deseando esclavizar la humanidad/ wishing a humanity of slaves

para sumirla en su sistema de maldad/ to fall it in it’s evil system

si no paramos juntos esta vaina/ if we don’t stop this together

con desangrar la tierra no le bastara/ bleeding the Earth is not going to be enough

comerciara con el alma de nuestra mamá/ they’ll deal with the soul of our mother

agua bendita yo no quiero estar acá/ bless water, I don’t want to be here