Saturday, March 13, 2010

On the way... again

Although I was thinking about staying in Bogotá for a while, things changed fast and the Belgium guy, again, made me think of walking another path. This time Amadeus invited me to join him in his adventure which is:"getting to Leticia in the Amazonas by boat". We decided to go from Bogotá over Mocoa to Puerto Asis, close to the Putumayo River and to find a boat from there. So, here we are.
Getting to Puerto Asis took us 17 hours and 3 different means of transportation but time well spent because the landscapes are amazing.
For me it is great to be in the south part of the country, I wasn't here before and I have a lovely feeling being close to the jungle. The city is a big town, full of motorcycles and neon signs. To my surprise there are a lot of clothing stores and hotels, and as a sign of luxury there is at least one new barbershop to be seen every two blocks.  

On the other side, people are nice. They seem to eat very well because it is difficult to find skinny people, or maybe it is because they all use motorcycles to move around. Anyway, in this scenario the things that I have enjoyed the most are the trees, especially the Pomarosos that are all full of flowers that make beautiful pink carpets on the floor when falling down, and the image of the sun setting down at the end of the river. The Putumayo River is big and the place they call La Playa is the most lovely neighborhood I have seen in a looong time.
Leticia seems to be very far from here now, but while we find the way to get there, no rush, I am enjoying an overwhelming environment with marvelous company.