Monday, July 13, 2009

Acerca de como las estrellas influyen en el clima

It´s time, it is right, and I feel like to write.. :)
How do we understand signs? For example how do I read the fact that there are two beautiful orange stars in front of me? I realize that I like bright colors... hmmm What a beautiful pink mochila did I use today... to carry the technology that makes this words possible, around. I am thinking of what we have been doing for the Vital Alternative choice. This is wonderful, we are living a really big family and making identity, work, honesty and commonwealth the ideas we build together. Happy life. Joy is probably the most lovely feeling when all of us are around. I Oh my God! thank you. Idea! what happens with the signs? I know that I love the word beautiful and I am sure the stars are the sign for the beautiful living of Alternativa Vital.